Thursday, May 31, 2012

Avira AntiVir Premium

Avira Antivirus Premium 12.0.885

Publisher's Description

From Avira Antivirus Pro:

Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 
brings crucial anti-phishing and privacy protection to your busy online world. We know your time is too valuable to be spent on configuring your antivirus. In a matter of clicks, you’ll remove incompatible antivirus programs and install perfectly configured security that won’t slow your machine down.

Choose Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 if you:
  1. Regularly surf, browse and discover new sites
  2. Rely on email to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues
  3. Sometimes instant message, make phone calls or socialize online
  4. Occasionally use public wifi networks
  5. Often check out the news and sports results
  6. Download music, video or files and transfer them to your mp3 player, phone or memory stick
  7. Are the only one who uses your computer

Features :
  1. System Scanner detects all known viruses, worms and Trojans
  2. AntiAd/Spyware eliminates stubborn adware pop-ups and other spying tactics
  3. Rootkit Protection keeps you safe from hidden malware
  4. AntiPhishing protects you against identity theft attacks
  5. Real-Time Protection provides nonstop security, even between system scan
  6. AHeAD Technology isolates questionable-looking code
  7. ProActive spots new and unknown malware threats
  8. Web Protection keeps you away from malicious websites
  9. AntiDrive-by blocks unintended software downloads from the web
  10. Mail Protection keeps infected emails at a safe distance from your inbox
  11. Generic Repair fixes your PC fast, solves problems automatically
  12. Rescue System helps restart your PC in an emergency
  13. Quick Removal eliminates viruses with one click 
  14. Express Installation cuts out the boring Q&A and launches your protection fast
  15. Netbook Support assures fast performance even on low resolution, low memory laptops
  16. Live Support matches you with an Avira expert for immediate, interactive help
  17. Game Mode lets you suspend unnecessary notifications during games and movies

Mediafire Download Link

Size: 94 MB
OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7

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